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Debra Goldman

Weaving the Invisible is a body of work consisting of six 20”x 24” silver gelatin photographic prints that have been manipulated with silk, sepia/ white inks and gold/silver pigment or leaf.

 I have chosen to call this body of work “weaving the invisible” as it seems to me that so much of what makes up our personal stories is invisible, a weaving of threads that run through our lives. Like a river; sometimes roaring and fast and other times, still ~ meandering, finding it’s way home.

There will be an artist reception during Art Walk on December 2, 2016.



Cory Pitman

Cory Pitman hails from the shores of Lake Superior and has lived in Bellingham for two years.  She has deep roots in Anishinaabe country and from there has grown a worldview that begins with listening to and learning from the wind, plants and animals.  The dreamcatchers in her work are an extension of this and each one is woven with intention to create connection, receptivity, lasting beauty and peacefulness.  From here, Cory branches out to explore, adventure and learn.

Cory has been exploring chakras for about a decade.  On a personal level, this exploration has brought deeper understanding and appreciation of herself and her connection to the flow of energy.  This art series is a natural progression of this learning process and she hopes to bring to the people art that can facilitate self-exploration and help with balancing energy through connection.

Cory paints and dyes silk using a batik technique and adds mixed media to embellish each piece and create depth.  She loves talking about the process, so feel free to reach out, ask questions, give feedback, etc.  You can find her on Facebook at

This series, Chakras, was first displayed at Lettered Streets Coffeehouse in Bellingham during April of 2016.  Some new work has been added, so come take a look.  There will be an artist reception during Art Walk on July 1, 2016.




Alan Mooers

Photography  through April 30, 2014

Reception with Artist  April 4th,  7:00-9:00pm

Featuring black & white abstract photography by Alan Mooers.  Exploring the margins between light and dark, liquid and solid, water and land.  In other words:  trippy pictures of ice and rocks and stuff.

Join us for class at 5:30 followed by artist reception after 7:00.



Sara Young Art

Sara Young

Mixed Media. Through Aug. 31, 2013

Reception with artist July 6, 2013  6:00-9:00PM


Mixed media show by Sara Young, Fairytale and Philosophy, explores the story of Snow White through Buddha’s attributed quotes.  The themes of searching, grasping, good and evil are explored.  The show is pay-what-you-can, and will be up for two months through August 31.


Mary Byrne painting

Mary Gregg Byrne

Mary  Gregg Byrne

Watercolors. Through June 30, 2013

Reception with artist June 7, 2013  6:00-9:00PM

I moved to Bellingham since 1975 and stared working in water watercolors in 1980. My watercolor paintings are created using traditional methods plus opaque white and other mixed media, such as metallic leaf. My oil paintings are done on canvas and panels with water-soluble oils. I am best known for still life paintings that feature transparency and reflection. My interest in the behavior of light also shapes my paintings of figures and landscapes.
For the last few years I have concentrated on illustrating children’s books, so collecting a group of flower paintings for this show at 3 Oms has been full of joyful rediscovery
I value beautiful art because life is often hard and ugly. I want to celebrate the beauty I see. Painting becomes my tonic for world-weariness. In my studio, color and light are my meditation. I hope my paintings offer the same haven to others: a moment of transcendence, a place of light and beauty.

The rest of my time is filled with friends and family, yoga, hiking, guide dog puppies and enjoying the changing seasons of the Northwest and of my life.
Please visit my web site at: to enjoy more paintings. I’ll be at the Wednesday Market In Fairhaven most of the season with greeting cards, books, prints and paintings.

"The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes. If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it. Your life will be impoverished. But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life."
                                                 --Frank Lloyd Wright


Robin Van W

Robin van Wageningen - Vdub Art

Reception with artist: Friday March 1, 2013, 6:00-9:00 PM

Showing through April 28, 2013


1210 Bay Street Bellingham WA
Robin Van Wageningen is a student at Western Washington University studying studio art, with a concentration in painting, and anthropology. She will be graduating this August and is excited to see what the next phase in life brings. When not painting in her studio you will find me doing anything that will get me active and outside, in school, working at the neighborhood Trader Joe’s or spending time with those that mean the most to her.
"The elements of nature have manifested themselves repeatedly in my work, especially aspects of the ocean. The strength and vitality of the natural world draws me to recreate, interpret and represent nature in my work. These pieces reflect the passage of time and are meant to evoke a meditative sense of peace or reflection"

Orchid Paintings by Sara Todd

Reception with Artist: Friday Feb. 1, 2012  6:00-9:00 PM

Showing through Feb. 28, 2013

orchid 1 by Sara Todd       orchid 2 by Sara Todd

Artist Sara Todd

The Artist: Sara Todd

Orchids, with their endless varieties,  their unique shapes,  their sometimes wild colors, and their jungle-like designs were a perfect vehicle for me to explore color and color fields, an aspect of painting that has been of interest for some time.  In the past, my work has been more abstract  and/or figurative.    This series is a new inquiry.

As I thought about the orchids often obscure origins, (some are never seen by the human eye)  it brought up that age-old question:  Where does a painting come from?   For these paintings, of course,  the initial image of the orchid was the beginning.  However, soon and often slowly, the painting begins to take on its own way of seeing the orchid and eventually it becomes the orchid in it’s own uniqueness.   As I spend my time (consciously and unconsciously) observing and sensing colors, shapes, lines, light, edges, textures, movements in every day life, I develop a visual language that comes into play while making my marks on the paper and eventually a painting is produced – sometimes successful and many times not.

Because flowers usually have a  feminine feeling to them and these are no different, I gave titles to the paintings of obscure (at least to me) names from around the world of the worshipped feminine: the goddess.

 About the artist  Sara Todd:  Most of my work is two dimensional:     drawings, paintings, collages.   Occasionally a sculpture shows up.  Five years ago, I  semi-retired from work as an art educator, a yoga teacher, and a psychotherapist, I now have  more time to work in my studio wondering what is to be discovered next…

 All paintings are made in acrylic on paper and for sale at  $150 each if you have questions or are interested in them  you can email me at or call me at 360 224 5656.