Teachers at 3 Oms Yoga


 As the teaching staff at 3 OMS YOGA, we maintain the highest level of practice, study, and integrity on and off the mat. We will guide you with inspiration, care and dedication, providing a uniquely inspiring yogic experience every time.


Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson, ERYT-200 and Certified Forrest Yoga teacher is the owner of 3 OMS YOGA.  She is a deeply intuitive, loving yoga teacher, doula and mother.  Amy is gifted at supporting people through healing and transformation.  Every class has a different focus and includes pranayama (breath-work), core-strengthening, and modifications for different levels and injuries. You will leave class feeling relaxed, more open, stronger, and clear. A Washington native, Amy fell in love with Bellingham and yoga in the early 90’s while receiving her Ecology degree at WWU.  She explored many styles of yoga and spent a few months in India deepening her practice.  Amy has been teaching yoga since 2002 after completing Ana Forrest's teacher training, a 500-hr vigorous, intense process of finding her true inner voice.  In 2013, she revved up her teaching by completing Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training.

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Cat Enright

Cat Enright is a Certified Iyengar Teacher who has been practicing yoga for over half her life.  She is deeply committed to yoga as a holistic path to freedom and joy.  After exploring many systems Cat settled on the Iyengar system to meet her desire for a deep, precise, well-rounded practice.  She feels blessed to have studied with many senior teachers including the Iyengars.  Her classes begin with spiritual philosophy and pranayama to support the exploration of asana.  In her teaching Cat brings precision to the physical practice and devotion to the spiritual and philosophical components of yoga.  Her intention in teaching is to help students to see themselves authentically, with compassion and patience.  Cat is currently enrolled in a yoga therapy teacher training.


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Chipp Allard

Chipp Allard was always active from karate, to track and field, and boxing.  Until 2001 when Chipp herniated a disc in his lower back, which brought his life to a stand still. After three years of chronic pain, Chipp found Pilates and yoga and started to live pain free.  So inspired he started teaching Pilates in 2007.  In 2009 Chipp completed Level 1 training with Baron Baptiste, and in 2010 Chipp went with Baron on a magic carpet ride finding freedom in Level 2.  The physical benefits he received from Power Yoga include healthy and happy feet, freedom in his lower back, and a happy honest smile.  Mental and emotional blocks came crashing down, opening up his heart on the mat. Chipp's philosophy is be yourself so that everyone around you can also be themselves.  He is a proud member of The Bellingham Circus Guild.  Chipp will take you towards your growing edge, helping you realize your own strength physically and mentally.


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Dani Goldman

Dani discovered yoga over a decade ago and since then she has witnessed her body transform and her heart open wide. With an athletic background she was drawn to power vinyasa after trying various forms of asana practice over the years. She moved to Bellingham in 2010 and felt at home in a way she had never imagined possible. Coming from Chicago she has a deep love and appreciation for Bellingham’s strong sense of community and beautiful surroundings. Dani is an E-RYT 200, has completed level one and level two Baptiste trainings and is currently working towards her 500-hour certification. She is also certified in stand up paddleboard yoga, combining her love of nature and yoga on the water! Dani brings possibility and empowerment into all of her classes. With a strong focus on alignment and breath, she encourages her students to listen to their own intuition and have fun. Her classes are powerful and compassionate, with a deep belief that yoga is accessible for everyone!

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Elizabeth Ruff

As a Yoga Teacher, Soma Bodywork Practitioner and adventurer, Elizabeth wants to live in a world where Happiness is the priority.  She completed her first Yoga Teacher Training at Kalani on the Big Island of Hawaii, and has furthered her training over the years studying Ashtanga, pre-natal yoga and completed a 500 hour program at 8 Limbs Yoga Center. This rich background of training influences Elizabeth depth of knowledge of alignment, energy cultivation, Tantric philosophy and Ayurvedic wisdom.  She effortlessly weaves her classes with playful light and a sense of adventure.  When she’s not twisting into a pretzel or giving hands-on bodywork, you can find her playing hide-and-seek with her toddler, reading in the bathtub, cooking scrumptious, seasonal whole food, arms deep in the garden or wandering in the mountains.


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Gentri Watson

My work fills my heart and it is with pure gratitude and passion that I share what I've learned. I completed 600 hours of teacher training in 2009 with Inbody Academy. My style of yoga is a blend of the many teachings from a collection of today’s yoga wisdom keepers in addition to my own insight gained through life, love, loss and years of study and experience. I teach grounded and creative classes with a focus on breath, strength and harnessing prana. My desire to deepen my impact as a healer and a teacher inspired me to pursue education in massage therapy in 2015 and become a licensed massage therapist. I believe strongly in the innate healing power within each of us and have committed my life to tapping that potential in myself and guiding others to their own. I am fascinated by the ever deepening practice of awakening consciousness and enthusiastically study everything I can get my hands on about the anatomical, philosophical, spiritual and energetic teachings of yoga as well as shamanism, Buddhism and innovative methods of bodywork and massage. When I'm not doing any one of the aforementioned things, you might find me playing music with my band Coldwater Collective, adventuring in the breathtaking natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, romping in my soul home- the southern Utah desert, gardening or snuggling with my cats


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Irena Lambrou

At 16, Irena took a yoga class in search of warmth during cold winter months while playing lacrosse and that led to a lifelong pursuit of the practice.  Her mom said it best, “Irena doesn’t like yoga, she lives off it.” Although she does eat and sleep, yoga keeps her present and curious in the human experience. This curiosity seeps into Irena’s classes, as she offers dynamic, always-changing sequences that create a fun environment that challenges students as well as bring them deeper into their bodies and out of chitta vrtti, the monkey mind.  Irena moved to Bellingham in 2010 and it felt like coming home at 3 Oms Yoga.  She received her 200hour yoga teacher certification through Hot Yoga Inc and completed a mentorship with Amy Robinson. Off the mat, Irena enjoys spending time in the dense, green forests of Bellingham, paddling around lakes and the Puget Sound on her Stand-Up Paddleboard, and any other activities that keep her grounded and in touch with nature.


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Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy is the studio manager at 3 OMS Yoga and feels blessed to have practiced here since the doors opened in 2009.  She has ‘played’ yoga since she was a kid and continues to find great joy in diving deeper into her practice. Uplifted and inspired by the community of 3 OMS, she completed a 200-hour Teacher Training at 8 Limbs Yoga Center in 2013, followed by a mentorship with Amy Robinson.  Katie is looking forward to a lifetime of studying asana and yoga philosophy (and sometimes worries that her shelf of yoga books may collapse soon)!  In her classes, Katie creates a welcoming environment for students to explore asana, breath, and stillness in a gentle flow.  You will be supported in listening to your heart and inner teacher throughout class.


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3 Oms Yoga Teacher Michal Retter

Michal Retter

Michal was first introduced to Yoga as a young child, going to classes with her "Ima" (mother) in South Africa were she was raised. She felt a very strong spiritual connection to Yoga that guided her journey in life and naturally led her to the path of teaching. Michal has a passion for creating a non-competitive and open space for self-discovery, self-love and acceptance of our multi-faceted nature – mind, body and soul.  She helps you notice the shifts in energy levels and inner insights that frequently arise from the practice. Patience, serenity and mindfulness are the fruit of this labor.  Michal is certified by YogaFit Teacher Trainings and Semperviva Yoga (Vancouver, B.C.) and draws on 12 years experience in teaching Yoga and a background in energy healing, relaxation techniques and body psychotherapy. Michal is also registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 200) and continues her education through 8 Limbs Yoga, Seattle (500 hr level).


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Minta Allred

With over a thousand hours of teaching experience and a BA in Human Development through Yoga, Minta surrenders to the practice, sharing its brilliance every which way. As a teacher, her primary focus is on aligning the body, mind and breath through a detail oriented sequences with specific intention behind each pose. She has found that the quality of our inner teacher is invaluable. Her teachings not only include a vast anatomical understanding of the body, but she always adorns the class with inspirational readings or yogic lifestyle concepts that bridge the practice on the mat with everyday life. She teaches how to use props and variations to help her students develop confidence so that they can practice with strong self-awareness. Minta also works with the nonprofit, Embody Love Movement, through which she guides girls and women on a transformational journey towards self-acceptance. She credits yoga entirely for reminding her to live imperfectly with great delight!

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Trina Stiles

Trina Stiles

Trina’s first teacher trainings were with Ganga White and Tracey Rich at the White Lotus Foundation in 1999 and then with Erich Schiffmann in 2002. She approaches her practice and teaching with an open mind, kind heart and freedom to be guided from within. In 2003, Trina completed over 1000 hours of full time training and studies with Yoga Arts in Byron Bay, Australia achieving a E-RYT 500 Certification.  Shortly after returning to the US, Trina gave birth to two daughters (and taught pre-natal yoga during her pregnancies). Her family’s desire to live in a small, NW community lead them to Bellingham in 2009. Trina loves connecting with others and watching people learn about themselves. She especially enjoys witnessing those Ah ha moments that yoga offers. 

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Jen Fairey

Jen Fairey is the Assistant Manager of 3 OMS Yoga.  She is also a certified RYT-200 yoga teacher in Baron Baptiste inspired Power Yoga. With a background in outdoor sports and nutritional supplement sales, Jen’s approach to teaching yoga is physically empowering in the realm of whole body nourishment. Jen was called to practice yoga in 2001 to cross train with her vigorous outdoor sports lifestyle and in 2012, after multiple sports injuries, car accidents, and losing her job, Jen revisited her yoga practice seeking healing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Jen is known for teaching with a big heart, believing in limitless possibilities, and leading people to find their own greatness and power within.  

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“The blessings of yoga with Amy are immeasurable. They are healing for the body, the mind and the spirit.  I have tried many yoga teachers in my life, and never found one whose approach to teaching I like nearly as well. I recommend her to everyone I meet, of

every ability. If you are looking for a loving, deep, effective and meaningful practice that meets you right where you are, I recommend her to you too!” — Kara B

“I'm so thankful to have found such a loving space to be a part of at your studio, and really appreciate the warm atmosphere created by the wonderful teachers there. Thank you again!” — Racheal N.



“I began my yoga journey in 2003. My first class was with Cat. I remember her leading me through a series of poses that I had never done before and feeling very unsure of what I was doing.  It was my first experience with yoga ever and Cat guided me though it with compassion and grace. This was 10 years ago and I have had the pleasure of following her where ever she may go. She has the intuition to guide her students thoughtfully. She is a wonderful yogic resource for me and has so much valuable knowledge for me to pull from. ” — Leigh R

“As a person what Chipp brings to each class is an energy and enthusiasm, but he also takes time to build each class into a community, and he maintains the integrity of each class -- not letting us forget that it's a 'practice' and that we're sharing with our classmates, but also making it our own experience.   And in that way Chipp brings a joy or lightness to the experience.  It may be hard, but it's not work.  For me Chipp is part of the foundation of my yoga practice.” — Jeff N

“Dani leads yoga from a balanced place where intellect and compassion come together in a teaching and practice that is highly knowledge and skill based, offered in a supportive, encouraging, and creative way that provides the space and flexibility for all levels of yogis.  Her joy and internal light  radiates throughout the class and allows all to deepen their own physical and emotional practice. ” — Cynthia M




“Elizabeth has a really wonderful way of teaching that helps me gain the technique, flexibility and confidence to experiment with new poses I never thought I could do.  I always leave class feeling grounded, and alive ready for whatever comes and it is definitely the best part of my day. In every class I have taken with Elizabeth she has really included all members of the class on all different levels of ability. The class has never been too hard or too easy, it always feels just right.” — DeeDee M



“Gentri’s yoga classes always kick my tail – but in a good way!  I feel stretched to reach my fullest potential, and get stronger with every class.  She’s an awesome teacher, beautiful soul, with a great spirit.  Plus – that girl can sing!  -  Leslie (Fishy) F.” — Fishy F




“ Irena's personal strength and dedication shines through when she is teaching her classes. Her attention and personalized style of instruction has allowed me to gain further knowledge of the practice of yoga. Yoga has now become a part of my day to day lifestyle, I am very grateful to Irena for the patience and guidance I received during the first few months of my practice. Irena your light shines bright please keep sharing your passion for yoga with the world.
  ” — Alanna



“ Gentle, calming, and caring describe Katie's yoga classes. She teaches to the class asking what areas in our bodies need TLC or what injuries are in need of nursing.  She then tailors her class to serve, open and align.
My favorite part is Katie's hands on adjustments for each person. It is a crucial component of being present to each individual person. Katie does this with finesse!  Also, during  Shavasana, she adds a closing tenderness by giving each person a shoulder, neck and head massage. I walk off the mat, and into my day, with pep in my step and sparkle rays! ” — Linda O


“Melissa and yoga have changed my life in such a tremendous way over the past year it is hard to imagine how it once was. It was Melissa’s kindness, compassion and words of wisdom that kept me coming back to her class when all the yoga poses were difficult or impossible. Now with a leaner, stronger body I find great joy in simply being able to move in ways not possible before.” — Ann D

“Most of the time when I walk into Michal's Yin class I am thinking of all the things I did and all of the things I need to do.  Michal guides us through slow movement and meditation, she keeps us in positions just long enough that my mind shifts from the never ending list into the present moment.  Every time I attend Michal's Yin class I take away a little bit of wisdom about myself and throughout the week I find myself stepping back from my to do list and into the joy of just being. I am so thankful I have Michal as a teacher.” — Mary M


“She is inspired, articulate, compassionate and funny.  I especially appreciate the detailed and extremely clear verbal instructions she shares throughout every class.  Minta integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga into her teaching in such a way that I feel very 'embodied’ and grounded within myself during and after each of her classes.  Attending Minta’s yoga classes has truly been a precious gift for which I am deeply appreciative.  “I feel the music singing in my bones!”
— Eric M





“I am not certain if Trina chose the title of her Yoga class, Gentle Flow or if the title "chose" her. Nonetheless, the class title is most fitting.  Trina creates a gentle flow of movement amongst her students as she efficiently leads their flow from one perfect pose to the next.  I leave her class feeling that I just experienced a perfect balance of rejuvenation, transformation and challenge.” — Doyle H